Blair Nidds Caprice 3

 A sneak peek of my new headpieces that will be hanging in Caprice! The show opening will be Thursday, July 10th. You won’t want to miss!

| “Life is about decisions. Attending this art show might be the best one of your life.” -anonymous |


While finishing up the last few paintings of this headpiece series, I came across this quote that so perfectly synchronizes how I have been feeling about my artwork lately,

| “Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing.  Making your unknown known is the important thing.” Georgia O’Keeffe |

What an inspiring passage, Georgia. While keeping these words in mind, I have released some of my internal pressure to produce past the creative-stunting questions, (is it good enough? who will like it? Will it sell?).  Just make it! These questions are essential in a self critique, but more importantly, and simply, accomplishing artwork is about showing what is inside of you that would not otherwise be seen. And that feels good.





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Studio mate, boyfriend, and coffee table constructor. 

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Miss Blueberry Head and I 


Just moved into my new house, and best of all, a huge new studio that is on the first floor. While my old garage studio served as a great starter work space, the new place provides so much more light, and no roachies. More organization is in place, but so far I am able to hang my larger paintings on the wall, step far back, and make decisions… Such a luxury.

On top of the new studio, our upstairs living room serves as the perfect showroom for completed works. With over eight track lights running the length of the room, each piece looks so much more gentrified!

AT THE MOMENT | Euan Uglow

Euan Uglow 1


Euan Uglow 2

20th Century artist Euan Uglow’s figurative paintings contain a quiet certainty. With his use of mathematical planes and structured paint applications, his work is not only seductive to the eye, but possibly, unexampled. Check out more insight to his process here.



STAGES | Inside My Studio


Mini Doc


One of my good friends, David, was working on an Elon graduate school project, and needed a subject for his mini documentary. He chose me to explore how I create art in my garage studio, and came by late last Summer to document my environment. Check it out to see a glimpse inside of my work space. Thanks D!

AT THE MOMENT | Akira Beard

Imageinspired by Saint Genevieve, water-soluble oil on wood panel, 16″x20″, 2013

As of late, Akira Beard has been my go-to inspiration for my oil paintings. His confident use of loose and tight brush strokes, paired with a harmonious color palette, makes for the perfect kickstart to my creativity. Additionally, he is a prolific artist. A visit to his website,  or  a must-follow Instagram profile, proves that is is constantly painting or drawing, ruling me to plunge onto a blank canvas.

Urgent! Check him out.