STAGES | Inside My Studio


Mini Doc


One of my good friends, David, was working on an Elon graduate school project, and needed a subject for his mini documentary. He chose me to explore how I create art in my garage studio, and came by late last Summer to document my environment. Check it out to see a glimpse inside of my work space. Thanks D!


STAGES | Sketch

blue stage 1


These are the first two stages of this larger format canvas (approx. 30″x 39″). I typically begin all of my paintings with a vine charcoal sketch, then introduce a dark layer of paint. While I enjoy seeing the drawn lines and oil together, I try not to get attached. Therefore, I smudge the sketch with mineral spirits.

But, because I can’t stand it, I’ll reintroduce drawing when I work on it next. One, to outline where I want to apply more paint, and two, to create variety. Charcoal and paint= hubba hubba.

STAGES | Wine Lips No. V

photo 1-3 photo 2-2 photo 3-2

Wine Lips No. V, oil on canvas, 20″x28″

Hoping to achieve a more androgynous appearance with this one. About 2-3 hours have been spent on each stage, so I have some more clocked time to go… Will most likely apply a blue and alizarin glaze on top, then pronounce the highlights with a buttery white.

AT THE MOMENT | Laura Spong


Steam Ahead, 2013, oil on canvas, 36″ x 48″


Locked In A Room With The Doors Open, 2013 oil on canvas, 36″ x 36″

When I visited the Greenville Museum of Art in SC, I wanted to run home with this painting by Laura Spong. I mean, drool. Firstly, the large format of the canvas snatched my attention, and secondly, her use of texture. The combination of contrasting colors, varying charcoal line, and velvety paint application is always a win for my attention. Her artist statement is just as lovely.




A peek inside of my garage studio where all painting/drawing/drinking wine takes place. 

STAGES |Wine Lips No. IV

stage 1stage 2stage 3

Wine Lips No. IV 20″x 28″

Like most of my portraits, I approached this painting without a subject, and began a sketch only from imaginary terms. This canvas stretched months ago, is just now handling the oil paint well. Before, with only a few layers of gesso, the muslin absorbed all of the paint I slapped on it, creating a dull and flat effect. No base texture is a tragedy for me. So, after globs of gesso later,  at stage 3, I am happy with the fat over lean result. More stages brewing…

AT THE MOMENT | Akira Beard

Imageinspired by Saint Genevieve, water-soluble oil on wood panel, 16″x20″, 2013

As of late, Akira Beard has been my go-to inspiration for my oil paintings. His confident use of loose and tight brush strokes, paired with a harmonious color palette, makes for the perfect kickstart to my creativity. Additionally, he is a prolific artist. A visit to his website,  or  a must-follow Instagram profile, proves that is is constantly painting or drawing, ruling me to plunge onto a blank canvas.

Urgent! Check him out.