AT THE MOMENT | Antony Micallef


Sex Face oil, paper collage, and resin, 41 cm x 35 cm


Head 3, charcoal on paper, 89.5cm x 87cm


A Little Piece of Me, oil on primed card, 41cm x 32cm


Micallef’s Studio

What an expressive and lavish use of paint. As part of his Lauded Head Series, Antony Micallef’s headpieces bear a haunting essence, that is acheived through swift applications of charcoal, owing to, just as swift eliminations of the medium. His decision to create some of these sketches in strict monochrome, supplies an exacting contrast to his typically colorful paintings. Whether Micallef paints black, white, powder pink, or bright blue, his works are all gold to me. 

More of Micallef’s paintings, as well as sculptures, can be seen here



STAGES | New Headpiece

image-2 image image-3


Untitled, 4’x 4′ oil on canvas

I have briefly been working on this new headpiece… More progress photos to come!

AT THE MOMENT | Euan Uglow

Euan Uglow 1


Euan Uglow 2

20th Century artist Euan Uglow’s figurative paintings contain a quiet certainty. With his use of mathematical planes and structured paint applications, his work is not only seductive to the eye, but possibly, unexampled. Check out more insight to his process here.



STAGES | Larger Scale







After watching a video of Alberto Giacometti painting in his studio, I became instantly inspired to start sketching on my new 4’x 4′ canvas. It is refreshing to be more expressive when working on a preliminary drawing, and this larger format is the ideal way to get started. 




A peek inside of my garage studio where all painting/drawing/drinking wine takes place.